Ayala Alabang Village to implement color coding scheme for non-resident vehicles accessing La Salle Zobel

After studies and research, the Ayala Alabang Village Association has decided to implement a color coding scheme for non-resident motorists entering the village to go to and from La Salle Zobel.

In a letter penned by AAVA president Epifanio S. Joaquin, they had identified the traffic problem inside the village which is the “increased number of students in DLSZ who are not residents of AAVA and without foresight or regard to the ensuing traffic and pollution implications that would be created.”

Joaquin further added that of the 4,300 students of De La Salle Zobel, around 70% or over 3,000 students are non-residents.

He also noted that they had listened to the suggestion of DLSZ president Bro. Bernie Oca FSC on testing a car pool scheme but that this failed owing to the increasing number of students and vehicles.

“The problem has actually worsened,” mentioned the AAVA president, adding that this simply proves that parents of the students are prioritizing their convenience over the welfare of the affected homeowners.

So, starting Feb. 3, 2015, the following traffic scheme for non-residents shuttling children back and forth from De La Salle Zobel shall be implemented:

  1. Only vehicles with white school stickers can enter the village through Madrigal gate on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Those vehicles with green stickers are not allowed to enter the village


  1. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, only the green stickers can enter the village through Madrigal gate while those with white stickers cannot enter the village


  1. All school buses, whether, privately owned or owned, which are officially commissioned or authorized by DLSZ are exempted from the scheme and can enter the village any time


  1. All service vehicles of DLSZ whether cars, vans or buses are exempted from the scheme


  1. Parents are allowed to pick up their children who stayed in school after class hours for extra-curricular activities regardless of the color of their stickers after 6pm


  1.  AAVA may suspend the color coding scheme for special events officially sanctioned by DLSZ (i.e. family days, graduations, school fairs, etc.) provided that the school make a format written request at least 7 days from the date of the scheduled event. AAVA will inform DLSZ of its decision within two days from receipt of the formal request



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