Ayala Alabang Village issues Halloween Trick or Treating guidelines

As one of the most visited villages when it comes to Trick or Treating, the Ayala Alabang Village Association recently came out with guidelines for the upcoming Halloween celebrations.

According to AAVA, the much-awaited Trick or Treat event in the village often brings traffic inside and even in the gates of the village.

They had also identified some cases of vandalism and petty thievery as well as some parties “seemingly syndicated collection of candies and goodies.”

To address the problems brought about by this, the village association came up with these reminders:

  1. Guests of residents coming in on foot with or without gate passes should go directly to the PUJ/tricycle terminal at the ATC where the AAVA gate pass section will be situated to validate their entry to the village. This will eliminate pedestrian congestion at the gates.
  2. Residents are advised to obtain visitor car or commuting passes for their expected visitors at the AAVA Security Office. Guests with car passes will be allowed entry either at Madrigal or Acacia gates only without going through the screening procedures. They still have to deposit their driver’s license there though.
  3. All visitor passes will be valid from 3pm to 6pm only. Visitor entry before 3pm and after 6pm will be subject to their usual screening procedures.


“We may not be able to please all residents and guests but we shall definitely protect and keep them safe from harm,” noted AAVA.

They also reminded homeowners to inform their Security Office if they will be leaving for more than one day for out-of-town trips.

Villagers are being asked to have someone in their house and also to give the names of the people (household helpers, relatives, etc.) they will be asking to stay in their houses. They can do this just by calling the security office at 842-1111 or 842-2222.

“Have your dogs roam around freely inside your compound too as dogs are sensitive and effective deterrent to strangers,” advised AAVA.



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