Ayala Alabang Village announces new fees for vehicles accessing De La Salle Zobel; Parents not too happy

“It’s too much.”

This was what one parent from De La Salle Zobel told Alabang Bulletin last week upon learning what the Ayala Alabang Village Association is charging for an annual car pass for vehicles accessing the school.

According to the parent, a friend of hers had to pay P4,100 to acquire the car pass which was unreasonable, she added.

In a conversation with AAVA security head Romy Javier this week, he enumerated the kinds of stickers that non-residents can avail of.

He said that at present, they are charging P2,500 for a carpool pass then P1,000 for a carpool sticker.

“We encourage carpooling to reduce the volume of vehicles getting inside the village so this means that three or more carpool vehicles can share the cost of the carpool pass (P2,500) but each vehicle has to get a carpool sticker (P1,000),” explained Javier.

He also revealed that those who cannot carpool can avail of the following stickers:

Special Stickers for Employees – P2,500 – for faculty and staff members of the school

Special Stickers for Medical Cases – P3,000 – students with medication or illness or those physically and mentally challenges

Special Stickers for Security Cases – P4,000 – students with security threats like history of kidnapping or the like in which parents have to employ protective agents or military escorts

Special Stickers for Custodial Cases – P4,000 – students’ parents are in dispute or conflict of the child’s custody

Special Stickers for Pre-Kinder – P4,000 – for prep students with nannies and hence cannot carpool

Special Stickers for Outliers – P4,000 – students living very far and cannot get a carpool

“The schools’ admin determines and endorses, and AAVA validates if the students are qualified for the mentioned categories,” explained Javier.

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