Ayala Alabang encourages residents to tighten security in their own homes too as robber/s take car and other important items

The Ayala Alabang Village Association last week reminded its residents to make necessary measures to keep their houses and properties safe from robbers.

This as a resident recently fell victim to burglary wherein the robbers took gadgets, cash, important documents AND, get this, people, one of their cars.

Based on reports from the AAVA security guards, the intruder entered the house by forcibly opening the residents sliding window glass in their dining room.

“The homeowner also surmised that the suspect forced open the sliding door of the sala and proceeded to the kitchen where he got the keys of the car,” said an article in AAVA News (the village’s weekly circular) last week.

Taken during the burglary were four Apple laptops, one Blackberry and one Nokia cellphone, a wallet containing some P5,000 in cash plus assorted credit cards and one passport.

Oh, and the car.

Which was allegedly driven away quietly by the robber.

Another car key was taken by the burglar.

The gate of the homeowner was apparently not locked.

According to the resident, the items were taken after 11pm as he saw all of them  before he turned in for the night.

“This intrusion incident, which seem to have been committed with ease should serve as a strong warning to all homeowners/residents in the Village; secure your sliding windows and doors, keep all the valuables, expensive electronic gadgets, wallets and vital documents, together with the keys of vehicles under lock and key, any time of the day, and that the gate should always be kept under lock, only to be opened when the family vehicle is taken out and driven back afterwards,” called on AAVA president Federico Sarabia.

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