Attempted robbery along Daanghari Road alarms the public; Local authorities called on to address security issues on busy highway

“Last night was probably the scariest night of our lives.”

This was the sentiment shared by Aisha Calvo yesterday in a Facebook post as she and another lady friend were almost victimized by robbers plying the always-busy Daanghari Road in Las Pinas/Cavite.

She recounted how she and her friend were on their way home to Dasmarinas, Cavite after watching a movie in Alabang Town Center when the one of the worst experiences that could ever happen to them occurred.

Photo from the internet. Credits to the owner.

“The bumper and mudguard of my car had broken down due to excessive water pressure kasi nga baha on the way to Alabang. So nung pauwi na, our hazard lights were turned on and we were driving very slow with our windows down para marinig namin yung mudguard baka kasi natanggal na,” Calvo wrote in her Facebook account.

She then revealed that when they were near Portofino (the village near Evia), she noticed a motorcycle rider and its passenger slowing down and looking at them, smiling.

At first she thought that the men were “manyaks” but her friend said not to bother and that maybe they were looking at them because of the damaged bumper in their car.

“A few minutes later, lagpas ng Evia, lagpas din nung tulay, and subdivision na Verdana Homes, napansin ko na wala nang tumutunog sa ilalim ng kotse. So nataranta ako ako baka natanggal na mudguard and bumper ko, so I immediately made a stop para i-check yung ilalim ng sasakyan,” she narrated.

Photo from the internet by Mel D.

She remembered that this was around 11:45pm.

While they were stopped, a motorcycle stopped near them and asked if they had a flat tire?

“So ako naman si tanga, akala ko lagi mabubuting loob mga tao. Inexplain ko pa while opening my door and had m other foot on the ground na para ipakita sa kanila ano nangyari,” she continued.

Without waiting for her to finish her story, the passenger of the motorcycle declared a hold up.

“Hold up toh, labas niyo lahat ng gamit niyo,” Clavo remembered the passenger saying, as she even noted that the man was smiling while uttering those words so she thought the men were just joking because she still thought they were going to help them.

The companion of Clavo, realizing that this was not a joke, urged her to close her door and for them to continue driving already.

“Nung na-realize ko na totoo na pala talaga, na may kinukuha na siya sa small bag niya na weapon, dun ko na sila pinagmumura just so I can have the time to get back on my seat properly and close my door and windows,” she continued saying, also realizing how lucky they were they were not shot upon.

Clavo also noted that she tried getting the plate number of the motorcycle but that she did not see one on the vehicle.

She also then realized that these were the same men who were looking at them earlier near Evia.

“They were probably checking us out at nakita na pareho kaming babae,” she mentioned in her post.

They then went to the nearest police station by Camella but was told they could not report the incident since it was only an attempted robbery and not an ACTUAL robbery.

“At outpost lang daw sila so sa Las Pinas daw kami magreklamo,” said the exasperated Clavo, adding that they just decided to go home after this encounter with the men at the police station.

She then reminded everyone, especially the women to always have their windows closed.

“Sobrang delikado na ng panahon ngayon. When all this time akala ko safe sa lugar na yon (Alabang-Bacoor area) kasi most of the people are in cars,” she said.

Many people sympathized with her on her post and everyone was one in calling the authorities to address the security issues in the area.



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  1. maria villanueva says:

    The police of Bacoor and Las Pinas should care of this matter important and not to wait sonething terrible will hsppen

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