Attempted Akyat Bahay Gang inside BF Homes raises concern over negligent sub-enclave guards; See photo of suspect here

We’ve been saying this for a couple of years now. Nobody feels safe inside their own homes anymore. This is so alarming AND bad. Where can we feel safe nowadays?

Here is another incident that will definitely send chills down your spine.

Please see a post on Facebook from a BF Homes villager who fell victim to a supposed Akyat Bahay Gang modus:

“Fellow Residents;

Please be advised that there was an attempted burglary in one of the houses on Tirona St. (address withheld due to request of owner of the house, for security reasons) early this morning.

The perpetrator succeeded in gaining access to the premises at around 1:15AM and was detected around 3:45AM whereupon he fled the scene and left all items behind.

Although he was able to get some items; all these were recovered at the scene.

Attached is a CCTV video captured image of the person, who was clearly armed with an ice pick.

CCTV screenshot of the suspect.

CCTV screenshot of the suspect.

He stayed for almost 3 hours waiting for us to sleep and even covered the CCTV monitor/camera in an attempt to hide his identity.

Please be warned not to confront these persons but report immediately to 911 for police assistance.

BFFHAI Security, Manresa Security, and the local PNP station were advised of the security breach and copies of the CCTV footage were provided.

Manresa security, upon checking the Candida Maria gate discovered that the pedestrian gate, although closed was not locked. The Manresa school has control of this gate and was again negligent in locking it at 7PM per security guidelines and protocols.

This is not the first time that this has happened.

We are meeting the school officials and Manresa HOA board to resolve this issue on Tuesday morning.

In the meantime, we will expedite the mounting of a new blue guard from BFFHAI’s security provider and more roving patrols for our enclave.

New security, traffic, and parking regulations shall likewise be promulgated in coordination with local barangay authorities and BFFHAI.

All residents are enjoined to take extra precautions at night…”

– President (name withheld as requested by the homeowner, for security reasons), Tirona South enclave

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4 Responses

  1. concerned resident says:

    hi how to get in touch w you? urgent concern re this akyat bahay post. thank you

  2. Dbjohn says:

    My gosh, even with several guarded gates within the subdivision, I am really surprised that these criminals were able to get through…
    For the residents of BF HOMES:
    Be more vigilant, get to know your neighbors, that way you can really warch out for one another. GET A DOG, even one inside the house. It can bark and let you know if someone is around your premises. Above all, check your doors and windows and make sure they’re locked at all times.

  3. V says:

    We experienced being akyat bahay already 10 yrs ago in bf thats why we sold our house and left bf …so unfortunate

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