At least 111 Muntinlupa residents hospitalized after attending a feeding program

At least 111 Muntinlupa residents were brought to Ospital ng Muntinlupa last Saturday after suffering from symptoms of a possible food poisoning from a feeding program.

Some of the symptoms were dizziness, stomach pains and vomiting.

The incident occurred in Sitio Makabuhay in Barangay Poblacion.

The feeding program dubbed as “Goodbye Gutom” was organized by De La Salle Santiago Zobel students.

According to OsMun chief, Dr. Edwin Dimatatac, most of the patients have been released from the hospital.

Acting City Health Officer Juancho Bunyi also revealed that they had taken samples of the food served and have brought them to the Food and Drug Administration for testing.

Screen grab from a GMA News report on the incident.

They will also be conducting their own investigation on the matter.

If proven that the food served were indeed contaminated with something, the organizers would be summoned by the City Health Office and subjected to a seminar together with a warning.

Many patients acknowledged that the incident might have just been an accident and that the students from DLSZ did not mean any harm.

For their part, the DLSZ community have also asked for forgiveness on the suspected food poisoning and have expressed that they would be participating in any investigation on the incident.

They are also assisting the affected individuals.

The school has also suspended the feeding program while investigations are on-going.


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