Are you a dog and/or cat owner in Muntinlupa? Read this!

So apparently there is a new ordinance in Muntinlupa for dog and cat owners. Oh, birds too.

The ordinance was created to protect both the pet and the citizens of the city.

According to Ordinance 17-080, a household can only have two dogs, two cats and 6 birds as pets at any given one time.

For those wanting to take care of more, they would have to get a special permit from the Office of the City Veterinarian and pay P1,000

Another provision in the ordinance (which is probably the most violated) is a new penalty for stray pets — it is now P1,000 from the old penalty of P500.

So dog and cat owners, please keep your pets inside your homes or on leashes while walking them.

Or be ready to pay the penalty.

Other Muntinlupa residents are encouraged to report any stray dogs or cats to the Office of the City Veterinarian for appropriate action.

Owners of dogs and cats who urinate or do Number 2 on the streets will also be penalized P500.

Pet owners are also encouraged to register their pets as well as get them rabies shots or pay P2,000 if their pets are caught.

For more information, you may contact the Muntinlupa Office of the City Veterinarian on Facebook.


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5 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    my cat just delivers 4 babies, now we have 6, what to do T_T

  2. murichi says:

    This is the same ordinace from Quezon City but later abolished. This only shows you make money from pet owners.

  3. baby says:

    There are lots of stray dogs and cats in our village in Muntinlupa. Please make sure that this ordinace is implemented and followed

    • Ric says:

      I totally agree with you. Too many strays roaming our streets now. I saw a young girl be attacked randomly by a salivating dog in JPA Subd. Please enforce this with animal owners and keep kids safe from these wayward animals.

  4. Analie Canal says:

    Mam/sir may free vaccines po ba mga cats at saan po sa muntinlupa?

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