Apache Burgers & Ribs — The new burger place in the south…and then some.

Apache Burgers & Ribs is the brainchild of four buddies who like having backyard barbecues with friends over

a couple of drinks and some friendly conversation. The idea to come up with a restaurant came up

and Apache Burgers & Ribs was born. It took a year of experimenting on different ingredients and suppliers, Apache’s food have gone through a transition period from the very first food tasting, to opening a shop and opening

another one in a much better and accessible location. The idea is to offer good food, which you’d usually spend an

arm and a leg on in other restaurants, at reasonable prices. The customers would feel right at home with the easy and mom & pop shop feel of the place. Slowly, the boys have been adding improvements to serve their guests better, standardizing their meals, internet connectivity and soon, a delivery service.

The word have been steadily growing. More and more people have been dining lately. The first impression was that

the place looks expensive which of course, the exact opposite. Their motto…“Good food, priced just right.” Apache burgers & Ribs have been busy since they re-opened at their new home at 278 Aguirre Ave. It’s a stones throw from Tides so you might want to grab a bite before going on an all-night drinking binge. Do they serve alcoholic beverages? Yes, they do. To primarily compliment the grilled goodies they offer, especially the really spicy food variants.

If you live in the south, not too busy and somewhat have a large appetite, do give Apache Burgers & Ribs a try! The burgers are not oversized but they definitely compensate with the weight. Their ribs are really tender, the slips off the bone kind, the wings-will definitely make you flap for more. Oh, they also bake their own burger buns, how cool is that?!

For inquiries, you may send them to chiefy@apacheburgers.com.


* article format is like a poem since Apache’s roster of food is pure poetry on plates… (-Ed)

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