Anti-public drinking campaign in Paranaque

Do you always set a table outside your gates and bring out those cases of beer and hard liquor? Well, your days are over. Especially when you’re in Paranaque.

Alabang Bulletin heard last week that some citizens of the city were apprehended by the city police while they were busy getting their drinks on outside of their houses, neighbors’ houses, sari-sari stores, etc.

According to the Paranaque police, they were just implementing the anti-public drinking ordinance that the city council had passed and also to protect the security of the areas they raided.

They also said that people ARE allowed to drink outside of their homes (big parties, small gatherings, etc.) but they have to get a permit (they didn’t say where).

So, for those who are in the habit of drinking outside and in the streets, get permits or hold them inside your houses. Or just don’t get unruly and a bane to society when you’re drinking:)

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