Anti-Plastik Pulis deployed around Las Pinas

Las Piñas City Mayor Vergel ‘Nene’ Aguilar today ordered the deployment of ‘Anti-Plastic Pulis’ to enforce the environmental protection ordinance banning the use of plastic bags for carry away foods and purchase items as it intensifies the city-wide clean-up drive for zero-waste goal of the city.


The ‘Anti-Plastik Pulis’ will be responsible for strict implementation of a city ordinance prohibiting the use of plastics and Styrofoam materials in packaging and handling of items and food products in all establishments, markets and sari-sari stores in the city. Residents are also enjoined to bring green bag when shopping, marketing and doing their groceries.


Stressing great concern for the environment, the mayor underscored the city’ cleanliness and environment protection program being top of his agenda having strengthened the clean and green campaign recently to cushion the impact of disasters in the wake of calamities to prevent loss of lives and properties.

”We must take definite and bolder steps now starting with no-plastic policy in all markets, retail stores and in the households to minimize non-biodegradable wastes in order to save and protect the environment,” Aguilar said.


Aguilar pointed out that the indiscriminate dumping of plastics and environment hazard materials in the surroundings and the eventual burning of similar materials emits pollution, deteriorates water quality and caused the shallowing of rivers and bays, posing serious threat to health and the ecosystem.


Barangay officials and volunteers were directed to conduct regular monitoring, clean-up and clearing activities on parks, markets and similar public places, waterways and creeks, as well as open spaces to ensure safety and protection of residents from possible flash floods and spread of diseases.


All environment protection committees in 20 barangays were also mobilized to link up with the city’s Environment and Sanitation Center (ESC) and the Clean and Green Council to intensify their clean-up operations and zero-waste campaign to minimize and eventually achieve zero-waste surroundings.


Households are also urged to heap on its waste segregation practices and encouraged to say “no” to the use of plastic bag and polystyrene foam (Styrofoam) in their purchases and food packaging from food/retail stores, talipapa or wet markets in compliance with the recently passed city ordinance.


To ensure compliance ‘anti-plastik pulis’ will be monitoring all commercial establishments, sari-sari (retail) stores, public markets and over 30 talipapa (wet markets) and prohibit plastic bags and Styrofoam products in packaging purchased items, except for some that would necessitate its use in limited quantity.


City Ordinance No. 1036-11 “An Ordinance Banning the Use and Distribution of Thin Film, Single Use, Carry Out, Plastic Bags and Polystyrene Foam (Styrofoam/Styropor) by Commercial Establishments in the City of Las Piñas and Prescribing Penalties thereof,” took effect January 2 this year.  (END)


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No Responses

  1. Chester Diaz says:

    That’s right for Mayor Nene Aguilar to prohibit on using plastic bags and styrofoams because it clogs in the waterways and creeks in Las Piñas City. Again, Las Piñas remains cleanest and greenest city.

  2. Edith Jacinto says:

    I would like to ask if we can download the the said city ordinance for anti plastic.

  3. Ana Leochico says:

    I’m not againts in banning plastic in Las Pinas, even if I’m one of the distributors of plastic & Styro here in Las Pinas, kaya lang po biglaan ang announcement nila. Halos 80% ng residents even the merchants are not aware of this ordinance. Hindi sila makapagbigay ng detailed kung ano ang bawal at hindi bawal. Ni wala silang malalaking banner to inform the people, buti pa nga laban ni Paquiao, every main road, overpass may malalaking tarpaulin na free ang manood. I’m comparing Las Pinas to Muntinlupa na malayo pa lang ang effectivity may massive information na ang mamamayan. To the City government of Las Pinas, please give us full context of your guidelines kung ano talaga ang bawal detailed by detailed. I will give you an example. 3 oz.-12 oz plastic cups used by taho, icecream vendor, amviant vendor. Ice bag plastic, one of the source income ng pangkaraniwang household. Thin plastic used by carinderia for taking out foods? What are they alternatives. The end users suffers a lot hindi dahil sa BAWAL na nga, kundi ano ang ipapalit nila kundi made of paper na halos 3x ang taas ng presyo na ibig sabihin tataas din ang costing ng tinda nila. Please comment to our dear Mayor.