Another warning for Epass users; Overcharging once again?

Edited this Aug. 17, 2011:

A reader’s ePass account got charged 16 (yes, 16) times from Calamba but the reader only came from Bicutan.

“The overcharge was more than P2,000! Kaya pala panay ang low balance niya kahit kalo-load lang,” said the disgruntled Paranaque resident.

Check out this post. Check your balances regularly too.


Alabang Bulletin again received an email from one of our readers complaining about the indiscriminate charging that he had experienced upon reloading his epass.

Here is the full letter:


I reside at Pacita Complex San Pedro Laguna and I have been an epass user for at least 2 yrs now and this is my one sad experience to share but hoping to make a move on how it can be corrected.

My epass has been out for at least a month or so and It was only yesterday that I had the time to actually replenish it via the vending machines they have in festival mall with Php400 because that’s the only change I have and wouldn’t want to take the risk of putting in Php1000 unless it’s the one bought in Select outlets where you buy it straight from the cashier and not a vending machine.

Now today, when I went to use to go to Sta.Rosa via the Southwoods exit, I was expecting for it to at least give me the green light and not the Insufficient balance light. When manually checked by the attendant at the tollgate, we were told that we have negative balance of like Php200. Meaning the Php400 we put in has been automatically deducted from previous use as they claim????

Now, how is that when we don’t use the epass kit for the duration that we have not replenished it and instead go line up in CASH lane???? How come we owe PNCC or whoever in that sector, a certain amount of like Php700???

The very simple answer to our question of “how did that happened” was, you can go to Skyway bicutan and ask them.

That really made me hit the ceiling and finally pushed me to be more determined to search online and see what can be done about this seemingly stealing system. Thinking of letting the media like mission XXX dwell on this terrible cheating.

Please be more vigilant in checking the balance of your ePass as this had happened to several other readers (Do you check your ePass? Are you getting overcharged?) and we do not want this to happen to more motorists.

If they can’t fix their system, maybe we can help them too by reporting unscrupulous charges on our ePass.

Please share so all your friends will be aware of this.

We hope the complainant gets refunded for the wrong charges. Thank you for writing to us.

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No Responses

  1. norman says:

    Epass management is really terrible. Such a simple technology, they can’t even make it right. they are really arrogant because it’s either use the terrible epass system or wait in line to pay manually. really bad service. they can’t even maintain their website properly. is it that hard to provide good service?

  2. angelo says:

    This has been my problem since October 2010. Every month i report to Ms. Ronette Rojas and Steve Salvo of Skyway disputed charges on my account. I live in Carmona and im being charged from Calamba to Nichols every single day. It has been resolved July but is now back to charging from Calamba. Mamplasan entry also has the same problem. Hassle lalo instead na maka benefit sa technology.

  3. angelo says:

    They just revert charges in the next billing statement. They do nothing about their problematic equipment.

    Precisely, how about the others who don’t check their statements and have auto-debit arrangement?

  4. angelo says:

    Just got this reply for my August disputed charges.

    “Good Day!

    We furnished a copy of your E-Pass SOA to our internal audit group for validation. Any approved adjustment will be reflected in your account. The details will be shown in your SOA.

    Thank you
    E-Pass Customer Service Center”

  5. brooke says:

    Even the re-loading system via vending machine very inconvenient! After the machine get the money, a receipt would come out. There are instructions you have to follow by calling a Manila land line. I live in Laguna, so I’ll be charged for the long distance call I made. Why can’t they just change the program of that stupid machine? Why can’t it be like you can enter your account number in the machine and then the corresponding amount?

    No customer service assistant on a weekend? With sky-high amount of toll fee do we deserve this kind of service?