Another random shooting in Las Pinas

Another woman was shot to death by a riding in tandem (or walking in tandem) last night around 10pm in Pulanglupa, Las Pinas in what seemed to be another random shooting.

Photo by Aliza Patagnan Nocom

This comes after a woman was also shot in Naga Road this week.

In a post by Aliza Patagnan Nocom, she said that they were on their way home but that vehicles were moving slowly because of traffic.

“Naka-stop kame sa TESDA (after Pulanglupa), dalawang putok ng baril narinig namen,” she narrated, continuing that they then saw the woman lying on the floor and two men in masks with guns casually walking away like nothing happened.

Joel Gabriel, on the other hand, saw how the victim was actually shot.

Photo by Joel Gabriel

“Kitang kita ko kung paano barilin,” he said in his Facebook post.

He said he was on hiw way home from work as well when he was suddenly halted to a stop because of the incident.

He just then saw the victim on the floor.

Photo by Joel Gabriel

He wanted to run after the suspects but thought better as he didn’t want to endanger himself as well.


So guys, we don’t know if this was a hit or a random shooting but let us all be careful out there.


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