Another MCX Bato Incident victim calls for justice

MCX has given the term “a stone’s throw away” a different meaning.

Alabang Bulletin received another message from a netizen asking for help to publicize what happened to her son on MCX in the hopes of the incident reaching the authorities in-charge of the notorious expressway.

In the Facebook message, the victim’s mother (who asked to remain anonymous), recalled how her son was allegedly victimized by another “Bato Incident” last night.

“About sa incident na nangyari sa anak ko kagabi sa pa-exit siya sa MCX galing po siya sa trabaho galing ng Laguna around 7 -7:30pm, may naghagis ng bato habang binabaybay nya ang MCX papasok ng Evia tollgate,” said the frustrated mother.

The son said the rock was big in size.

“Mabuti na lang at nakailag siya at nakabig niya iyong manibela pero sumadsad na sya ng railings,” recalled the mother.

She then called on the concerned authorities to take action as this is not the first time that this had happened in the same area.

“Sana po ay maaksyunan po ng kinauukulan kasi po buhay po ang nakataya rito habang ang iba ay nagtitrip lang na mambato,” she said, adding that they are thankful that nothing more serious happened to their son but saying that they are now afraid to pass MCX because of the incident.

She also mentioned that their son was not able to report it to the toll booth operators since the son already got nervous and just wanted to get home.

She plans to visit the toll booth today to report the incident.

So for those passing by the area, please take extra caution.

We hope the authorities in-charge take some action as well so that no more incidents like these happen again.


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2 Responses

  1. Migo Ledesma says:

    There’s a police station near the overpass where these incidents & the perpetrators are squatters living in the area.

  2. Len Ramos says:

    Mine is a different story. I was given five small Chinese coins by the teller as part of the change for the toll fee I paid. I didn’t immediately noticed it that’swhy I wasn’t able to reprimand the said teller. I decided to send a message to the Ayala operators of the MCEX and in fairness they responded quiclky though their explanation (after investigation daw) was disappointing. They said the coins were traced from a bank that I think supplies them with coins etc and the teller was said to have been too busy (due to the volume of vehicles passing through) to notice the coins. I think that was a lame excuse since they didn’t name the bank abd I felt they were just trying to protect their teller and save face as well.

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