Another drug bust in Alabang yields more than P1M worth of party drugs

More than P1 million worth of party drugs were seized by the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency in a drug bust operation in Muntinlupa yesterday.

Arrested were Indian Rajiv Gidwani and Jeremiah Carillo.

Photo from Kevin Manalo of ABS-CBN.

PDEA agents were able to confiscate some ecstasy tablets, hybrid marijuana varieties and some kush and hashish.

According to PDEA Director General Aaron Aquino, some of the buyers of the suspects are said to be celebrities and politicians.

Other drug paraphernalia were also seen and confiscated in Gidwani’s home.

Photo from Kevin Manalo of ABS-CBN.

There were also reports that Gidwani’s father, Nari, allegedl attempted to bribe the arresting PDEA agents.

He was also arrested for corrupting a public officer.

Nari, in an interview, denied the allegations and said the arrest was a “set up”.

“The matter is in court already. Let the courts decide. It was a set up. We don’t have drugs at home,” said the suspect’s father.


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