Another Basag Kotse incident inside BF Homes Subdivision — this time in broad daylight

These criminals are really getting braver (and more evil) by the day.

Imagine having your car broken into in broad daylight. In the morning.

It’s now a free-for-all. Tsk tsk.

Another car owner (investigation is on-going so identity will remain anonymous for now) fell victim to this modus and had some of their precious possessions stolen from inside their car.

In an interview with Alabang Bulletin, the villagers said they just parked their car for an hour in front of their child’s school when they discovered that their right rear car window had a hole in it and their stuff missing.

This was between 9am to 10am by Moscow St. corner Tropical Ave. in the Las Pinas part of BF Homes Subdivision.

Stolen were two backpacks — one an adult backpack and one a child’s backpack.

Contents of the bag include an iPad, an iPhone, a company phone, checkbooks, passbooks, some IDs and some cash.

The victims reported the incident to Las Pinas police.

Fingerprints on the car were collected and processed and will be matched with their list.

Hopefully, the investigation yields leads.

So for all car owners here, remember that our belongings are not safe inside our cars ANY TIME of the day.


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