Another Akyat Bahay Gang incident reported inside BF Homes; Watch CCTV footage here

“Everything valuable, GONE!”

This was the statement of another Akyat Bahay Gang victim inside BF Homes Subdivision (Las Pinas part) after their house in 4S Subdivision was ransacked clean last Jan. 3, 2018.

Screenshot from the CCTV footage.

Please see her post below:

“I am making this post public with the hopes that someone out there will identify the thief who entered our house last Jan 3, 2018.

Me, my husband Jet Hermono, my 1 yr old daughter and her yaya stayed in my mom’s house this week. We have already planned to go back to our house Friday, Jan 5. After eating dinner and prepared my daughter for bed, my husband (head of security in 4S) told me that we need to leave immediately since our neighbor in 4S subdivision has been robbed. My initial reaction was to access our CCTV camera at home. We have two CCTVs in our house. When I accessed one of them I was surprised that the camera was facing the wall (all white when I viewed it) so I started moving it then noticed that the table was not in the same place where we left it and one of the cabinet doors was open. We never open that so I already had this bad feeling. When I told my husband what I saw he had made up explanations to calm me down. Little did I know that he also had a bad feeling.

When everything was ready, we left my mom’s house and drove home. I really felt that something was off so I asked my husband to check everything inside the house first before we go down the car. My husband did just that when we arrived. My heart was beating faster when my husband was taking quit sometime before he went back out. After a few minutes, while going out our door he was shaking his head with a bit of a grin trying to stay calm. He opened the car door then there I heard..a confirmation of that bad feeling. “Mahal, nadali din tayo”

My whole body was shaking but I needed to see myself. I needed to know that this is not a sick joke. I handed my sleeping daughter to her yaya inside the car and went inside our house. And there it was..all cabinet doors in every room in the house were open. No stone left untouched. Everything valuable GONE!

We are all traumatized of this incident. Apparently, based on CCTV footage, the incident happened 2 days before we found out. Never imagined that this will happen to us. I, personally, am afraid to sleep in our house, but we refuse to let the thief win. This is OUR house OUR home.” – Vic Garde-Hermono

Watch the CCTV footage of the incident here:

Or through this URL:

Message us here if you have any leads or if you recognize the person from the video and photos. We shall relay any information you have to the couple.

Screenshot from the CCTV footage.

This is another reminder that we are not safe even in our own houses and even if we live inside supposed secured villages.

Good thing, no one was harmed.

According to the CCTV, it happened around 9pm!

Make sure all entry points are secured and covered.

We hope that BF Homes authorities increase visibility inside the subdivision but furthermore, we hope that the suspect is apprehended and punished and even if it is a long shot, everything stolen be recovered.


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