An open letter to Mayor Bernabe about bars in BF

Here is an open letter submitted to Alabang Bulletin by a BF Homeowner last week:

Mr. Mayor,

First I would like to commend your people in the Municipal hall for being so friendly and efficient. I was so impressed with how everyone would greet me whichever floor I am at. I was at your Municipal last year and this year and the great service has not changed, they are all consistent so KUDOS to you Mayor Bernabe!!!

Now, since you have mentioned above on having NO INCREASE IN BUSINESS TAXES…. I would like to take advantage of this venue in bringing to your ATTENTION and beg that you really investigate on, and I am not sure how they were allowed to operate business, but I am alarmed on how most of the BARs in BF HOMES Parañaque don’t have Business Permits. I know this because 1 – when you ask for an Official Receipt after eating/drinking at those bars the attendants will honestly tell you that they don’t have an OR to issue; then 2 – to understand why they don’t issue OR, I inquired at your Munisipyo about CABOOZE Bar (just to name 1 and prove its true), and guess what? of course they are not listed in your Munisipyo and has no Business Permit.

I am a concerned citizen of BF Homes Parañaque, disappointed with the violence and traffic caused by these BARs along Aguirre.
Please prove that you WERE and you ARE still worth my vote. I don’t understand why your office could not control the office of JEREMY Marquez (Barangay BF)where in he is just the Barangay Captain and you are the CITY MAYOR? Rules and Regulations ran by your office is totally different or opposite of what Barangay BF implements.

We, BF Homeowners, are challenging you and looking forward to what you can do with this concern.

Thank you for your time.

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No Responses

  1. albert says:

    All the bars here have business permits from the Mayor and not just from the barangay. It is unfair for you to just place the blame solely on the barangay office. Check the counter of these bars and you will see what I am talking about.

  2. madz abubakar says:

    Yes I agree. During holidays, Fridays and weekends(mostly). The traffic along Aguirre Ave. (infront of Cabooze) is just really bad. Most of the cars don’t even know how to use their hazard lights while looking for a parking slot. At around 1am, you’ll surely encounter some drunk drivers(which I believe are either early in their teens or worse, minors.)

  3. Gerry says:

    I’m sure some other people in BF Homes feel the same. I encourage them to share their thoughts on what public servants should do to fulfill their obligation to their constituents.