All Mcdo stores in Munti to ditch plastic bags


MANILA, Philippines – All McDonald’s outlets in Muntinlupa will be serving food and drinks only in paper packaging.

The fast food chain said it has decided to ditch plastic bags and styrofoam in its Muntinlupa branches to comply with a city ordinance that bans the use of said products in commercial establishments within the city.

McDonald’s was referring to the Muntinlupa City government’s Ordinance 10-1010-109, which was enacted mainly to avoid future drainage problems.

“Upon implementation of this City Ordinance, McDonald’s had issued paper packaging to all its Muntinlupa stores,” the fast food chain said in a statement released Wednesday.

On top of these, McDonald’s said it will recall all styrofoam and plastic materials inside their stores.

Last year, retail companies Ayala Malls, Ever Malls, Hi-Top Supermarket, Isetann Malls, Makro, Robinson’s Supermart, Savemore, SM Hypermart and SM Supermarkets have pledged to charge customers whenever they use plastic bags while grocery shopping every Wednesday.

Plastic bag makers have expressed concern that they may experience a dip in sales this year because of campaigns that urge shoppers to stop using the said products, BusinessWorld earlier reported.

They stressed that plastic products can still be used without harming the environment.

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