Alabang Town Center releases statement re alleged attempted kidnapping inside the mall

Community Advisory:

Please be advised that the blog regarding an alleged kidnapping attempt in Alabang Town Center has caught our attention. In response, we immediately conducted an investigation to verify the information. We talked directly to the parties involved in the incident, particularly the family of the child, the kiosk sales lady, and our security personnel.

We are relieved to report that this was not a kidnapping attempt as alleged. We confirmed with the child’s parents that the 8-year old wandered off from them and got lost. The child, however, was smart enough to ask for help from a sales lady of one of the kiosks. The child’s parents also reported that the child was not dragged, physically hurt or spoken to by any individual. The kiosk sales lady and an Alabang Town Center security personnel was with the child until the parents arrived.

Measures are in place to keep Alabang Town Center a safe haven for our community. Nevertheless, we would like to remind everyone to stay vigilant and report any suspicious activity to our customer service and security personnel immediately.

Let’s all work together to keep our community safe.


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