Alabang Bulletin is giving away a laptop bag!

Well, the winner never emailed us again so we’re giving this one away again:)

Yes, we know you will look good in a World Traveller Flight Bag;p

You can either put your laptop or netbook (36cmx28cmx13cm) or other stuff when you travel around the Philippines or on you business trip somewhere:)

Anyway, we are looking for the lucky author of a comment made in any of the posts written from July 16 to August 16.

We will be entering the names/emails of the “commentators” in to determine who will win the bag. Remember, more comments you make, the more chances for you to win the bag as we will enter your name with all the entries you make:)

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  1. nathanie says:

    The history of the name “Muntinlupa” comes from at least three stories.

    * First, its association with the thin topsoil in the area.
    * Second, residents, purportedly replying to a question by Spaniards in the 16th century what the name of their place was, said “Monte sa Lupa”—apparently mistaking the question for what card game they were playing.
    * Third, the topographical nature of the area, where the term Monte or mountain was expanded to Muntinlupa or mountain land.

    Some documents suggest that the first and third versions of Muntinlupa and Monte sa Lupa respectively eventually became Muntinlupa either through misspelling or mispronunciation. But no record to date can firmly establish which of the three versions is historically correct.

    Muntinlupa is an old term that refers to a barangay hence called as Munting Lupa (which means a smaller branch of a city or a municipality, often referred to a county) now known as the Población. As early as 1800, the Catholic priest Father Joaquín de Zúñiga chronicled it as La poblacion que sigue se llama Muntinlupa and Muntinglupa was used as the Tagalog term for the city during the American era.

  2. melissa rodriguez says:

    what’s this about?, it is interesting:))

  3. nathanie says:

    Alamat ng Alabang
    – galing sa salitang ‘abang’ na ibig sabihin ay bantay o taong nag-iintay
    – dati ay masyadong magubat, mraming turista, at ang daan lang ay pa-Zapote
    – maraming nananakawan, at kilala bilang notorious, tulisan
    – galing rin daw sa salitang ‘alibangbag’ na ang ibig sabihin ay maliliit na puno na namumulaklak ng kulay lilac at ginagamit iyong pampaasim sa karne, pinagkukunan ng balat ng puno para sa mga nagtatae

    Pasong Diablo – ang daan kung saan naghihintay ang tulisan at maraming kasamaan
    Pasong Pari – lugar kung saan nilibing ng buhay ng mga Kastila ang mga pari, malapit sa South Super Highway, St. Bernadette School, at Sharp

    Unang panahon – Mulntinlupa, puro kumbento
    1890-1896 – wala ng kumbento, tirahan na ng mga guardia sibil
    1892 – paring Kastila ang nanirahan, may lupain kung saan pinatay ang mga pari
    1903 – 603 ang naninirahan sa Alabang
    2003 – 48,002 ang naninirahan sa Alabang, hindi kasama ang Ayala Alabang

    Apat na Paraan kung paano Namumuhay ang mga taga-Alabang
    1. pangingisda sa Laguna de Bay
    2. nagtatanim at nagsasaka
    3. nagtratrabaho sa Serum Vaccine Laboratory (ngayon ay tawag ng Institute for Medicine)
    4. stock farm kung saan kumukuha ng gatas ng kalabaw o baka

  4. melissa rodriguez says:

    i would love to have the laptop, it’ll surely be of help to me:)) but i want to know more about this..pls respond:))

  5. melissa rodriguez says:

    oh, i just figured, there aint no laptop, i wasn’t reading carefully, haha!

  6. Melcy Junio says:

    perfect size for important documents. nice! *fingers crossed.

  7. Melcy Junio says:

    don’t have a laptop or a notebook yet so hence documents and of the sort would serve its purpose.

  8. shirley lim says:

    Cool prize! I want to win.

  9. dan callanta says:

    hope i’m he winner really need that bag…:(

  10. howell tupaz says:

    sali ako dyan!! sana manalo ako ng laptop bag…

  11. love says:

    paano sali dito?

  12. love says:

    paano sumali dito? ngayun ko lang nabasa…baka may winner na?? waaaaaa

  13. Robert R. Ojo says:

    It would be a great help for a teacher like me to win a multi purpose bag, that your giving away, I need that bag, Im expressing my thanks in advance.

  14. cecilia calapatan says:

    i love to have that kind of bag, it’s nice and easy to carry… hope i could have that… tnx anyway…

  15. cecilia calapatan says:

    hope i could win the laptop bag coz i know this bag has a good feature and it’s a good opportunity that you offer this as free… thank you so much!

  16. everyone has an equal chance:) just keep commenting on the posts that we have on this site and please also feel free to share the posts here to your friends:)

  17. Melcy Junio says:

    great to see and read fellow comments. more power!

  18. mylene brizuela says:

    i want to win too..

  19. love says:

    I love this bag! I gotta have one!

  20. ayell says:

    sana magkaroon ako nian dream ku po kce yhan!

  21. Pao says:

    ok to… may laptop ako. an extra bag is nice

  22. Arvin says:

    Wow, that’s so cool! I enjoyed reading the trivias. Hope i win! 🙂

  23. Emil says:

    astig yung mga trivias.. more!! trivia naman sa Las Piñas..las piñero ako! :p

  24. Joyce A.Loredo says:

    You guys really want that laptop bag,huh?! well “get in Line’!hahhaha! thanks for sharing the myth of Alabang Nathanie! Have a nice afternoon pipols!!

  25. Wilma Peralta says:

    i hope to win the laptop as well..

  26. Mila Tolentino-Son says:

    Nice laptop bag…..Good luck to all of us…..BTW, Alabang Bulletin in FB is a big help to all of us even though I’m already staying in Cavite, i still love to read all that you are sharing here in FB….Keep it up!

  27. Miguel Garcia says:

    i would like to have a laptop bag like that even if i don’t have any laptop yet…

  28. Rheina says:

    yeeeee, i want that…. 😀

  29. kirk says:

    wow free laptop bag

  30. kirk says:

    how to join?

  31. anne says:

    maganda sana yan pang gift ko sa husband ko sa birthday nya this coming august 30..hope i cud have it instead..

  32. Jez says:

    saya nmn nito! more power! ^_^

  33. issa says:

    wow! hope I could win, this is just what I need.

  34. Jeffrey says:

    I’m just taking my chances and there’s no harm in trying 😀
    But if I win that will be an honor and luck combined.

  35. Ralph says:

    C’mon gimme that lapppy… ü

  36. Eshei Mesina says:

    me too

  37. JinArkhe says:

    Lol. Ang cute ng prize. mali pala basa ko kala ko laptop yun pala bag ng laptop lang. hehe. kulang sa hilamos!!! Rock On!

  38. Tayax says:

    I want the laptop! What is this all about? 🙂