Aguilar to city taxpayers: Tax holiday until June 30 only

Las Piñas City Mayor Vergel A. Aguilar reminded the city’s taxpayers to avail of the tax holiday incentives before the deadline on June 30 to save their delinquent properties from being auctioned off. 
He urged property owners to avail of the one-time tax opportunity and coordinate with the city assessor’s office for appropriate steps in settling with arrears.
He added that under the law, the City Treasurer’s office will be obliged to issue notice of delinquency on properties with unpaid tax dues after the June 30, 2015 deadline and reserves the right to sell the same through public auction.
Under City Ordinance 1149-13 (Providing for a Tax Holiday for a Limited Period to Real Property Owners in the City of Las Piñas) owners who voluntarily declare their properties for assessment and will pay the tax due for the entire year will also enjoy a discount provided for under the city Revenue Code on top of the tax relief.
The tax break covers delinquent properties of not over 10 years, those reclassified from residential to commercial and estate declared for assessment the first time. However, the tax holiday does not apply to properties issued notice of delinquency published in the newspapers, and those have been auctioned off for non-payment of taxes.
Of the city’s 20 barangays, 18 are recorded the most number of delinquent properties such as: Almanza I and II, Pulanglupa 1, 2 and 3, Talon 2, 3,4 and 5, Manuyo I and 2, Daniel Fajardo, Pamplona I and 2; Zapote, E. Aldana, Pilar Village and Ilaya.
Mayor Aguilar pointed out that the tax holiday is aimed to provide financial relief to real property owners (lots, building and machinery) with unpaid taxes for years to be able settle their arrears without penalty.
“We are giving this one-time tax break as financial relief to real property owners to be able settle their liabilities and save their properties from being auctioned off,” Aguilar said. (END)

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