Aguilar rallies barangay officials to strengthen campaign vs illegal drugs

Las Pinas City Mayor Imelda Aguilar gathered officials from the city’s 20 barangay (villages) recently for a two-day seminar to work out with a more comprehensive approach to address the problem on the use and abuse of illegal and prohibited drugs.
Aguilar rallied members of the Barangay Anti-Drug Abuse Council (Badac) to prove their commitment to rid the communities of illegal drugs.
She said the use of illegal drugs is a serious threat to well being, health and national security. The continuous proliferation of prohibited and illegal drugs is a hindrance to over-all development of the country.
Aguilar stressed that the activation of Badac will ensure that there is a convergence of efforts among barangay leaders to carry out the anti-illegal drugs campaign in the community level citing that as the first line of defense, barangay chairmen should lead the fight against illegal drugs.

Mayor Mel Aguilar.

 Beyond the usual activities such as the palaro (sports activities) and seminars for the rehabilitation of illegal drug dependents and livelihood trainings, all barangay health centers will be open for counselling and or rehabilitation as immediate relief, Aguilar said.
On top of the medical and psychological intervention, the Mayor said Badac will conduct a weekly “rehabilitation/prevention program” for illegal drug users.
Under this activity, Aguilar expressed hope that illegal drug dependents will come out in the open to seek help and avail the government’s rehabilitation program, counselling and physical activities to totally free them from the vice and lead a new life.
Aguilar also urged barangay officials to conduct strict monitoring of illegal drug activities in their respective jurisdiction and closely coordinate with the local police to ensure peace and order in their area by ridding the drug menace.
Meanwhile, Vice Mayor Luis Bustamante, head of Las Pinas Anti-Drug Abuse Council, urged Badac officials to strengthen the information and education campaign on illegal drug demand reduction and monitor the disposition of drug-related cases filed.
He said being frontliners in ensuring the overall peace and security situation in the community, barangay officials must be proactive in implementing the laws as their mandate, including the campaign against illegal drugs as reiterated by no less than President Rodrigo Duterte in his recent State of the Nation Address. (END)

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