Aguilar blasts proposal to use police power

Las Piñas City Mayor Vergel “Nene” Aguilar today rejected the call to use his police power to facilitate entry of Maynilad services into BF Homes Las Piñas portion calling it absurd and ill advised.


Aguilar said such use of power was already tried in Paranaque and was swiftly struck down as illegal by the court.


It would be foolish for the city government to do something which already been declared contrary to law and the Constitution, he explained.


This is in response to a statement released to the media, believed originated from a handful of residents urging Mayor Vergel Aguilar to use his police power in allowing entry of private water service in their area, insisting that such proposal is illogical.


He also believed that the BF Paranaque homeowners are just trying to sow disunity and intrigue among the residents of BF Homes Las Piñas knowing what they did was wrong in the first place and that the proposal of  BF  Las Piñas residents is a better deal.


Aguilar further explained that his administration for the past 15 years has always been consistent in protecting the interest and welfare of the city residents, earning for Las Piñas a reputation as one of the best managed cities in the country.


“I am a consensus builder and do things for the best interest and benefit of all,” Aguilar said. “I do not want these people trying to dictate on me when they know nothing about good governance. I cannot allow them to use my administration for their selfish interest.”


Aguilar also pointed out that it is always his desire to facilitate and broker a win-win solution to problems involving the interest and welfare of the residents. In this case, he wants the water services issue to be resolved by striking a better deal among the stakeholders.


He said it is just a matter of time that the cheaper proposal for BF Homes Las Piñas residents, Maynilad and BF Homes Incorporated will be realized. Once realized, Aguilar added, it will be a good precedent to other four (4) BF Homes in Las Piñas.


“I do not want Las Piñas residents to be burdened by expensive water rates and long court battle like what happened in BF Paranaque. I share the residents’ common dream of cheaper and clean water supply denied from them for so long.” Aguilar said.

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