Acacia Hotel Manila — your dream home away from home.

Yes, we must admit. We sometimes get tired of going to the airport during vacations. We want to be spared from lugging around big bags, having them checked by someone who does not even “check” it, fall in line, throw out your perfumes, take off your shoes then wait again before you get on the plane then do those all over again when flying back home.

Just writing that got us tired actually. Whew.

What’s the point of going on a vacation if you really can’t relax, right? Might as well just go to work on a Sunday or watch a Kris Aquino film.

Well, southerners just got lucky.

The vacation gods have answered their prayers

Presenting, Acacia Hotel Manila—the newest staycation spot in the Metro.

Located just between Alabang Town Center and Festival Mall, this new hotel will surely bring a lot of smiles to people living nearby.

Why go far when you can live like a King and a Queen without worrying too much about being far from home?

The beds are so relaxing that even the princess would find it comfortable even with a bunch of peas stuck below the mattress. We’re not kidding. It was so comfortable, we almost missed breakfast. And lunch. AND dinner.

Make sure to have your alarm clocks on. We’re really not kidding. But who are we to talk? One must experience the beds to see what we’re talking about.

All 262 beds. All heavenly.

The Acaci.

But the management of Acacia Hotel knows how to tease their guests. They have great food too.

Food? Sleep? Food? Sleep? Oh, we know. Eat THEN Sleep!

This will become your way of life when you stay in Acacia Hotel. WE didn’t mind. After spending the whole week toiling at work, we definitely wanted to feel special. And boy, does the Acacia Hotel staff make you feel special. Heck, we were spoiled when we were there. From the spacious underground parking to the welcome drinks by the front desk, we were treated like royalty.

It was as if we were in our own homes. We felt so welcome in their hotel. The staff was always all smiles and were very helpful with our every needs.

Let’s go back to the food.

If you’re still not drooling after seeing the pictures here then there is something wrong with you.

Upon visiting the hotel’s dining area dubbed as The Acaci, guests will be transported into a very special place. They will hear music. Music that talks to the stomach. It’s as if the food is calling you. We were entranced. We were conquered by the food.

And our stomachs gladly obliged. We welcomed their call with open arms. And open mouths, of course.

These were one of the rare times the soul was willing…and so was the flesh. Everything came together. And this was because of the ambiance The Acaci has.

It is just so inviting.

From the bread, to the cold cuts and to the main dishes to the desserts, it’s just a complete dining experience.

The Acaci layout also makes it easier for guests to get food as the buffet is very near the tables. Getting food, gorging on them then going back for seconds and thirds is not a problem. No need to walk far to get that enticing Peking Duck you’re salivating at. Hey, that’s your neighbor’s duck. Stop that.

Highlight of the food binge at The Acaci for us was the Sisig and the Mongolian Barbecue station. Yes, you read that right—sisig. We haven’t been to all hotel buffets in the country but seeing this very Filipino food made us even more comfortable to fill up our plates with food. No feeling of being intimidated because we didn’t know what food was on those chafing dishes.

Speaking of Filipino, we found out that everyone in the hotel is Filipino—from the owners to the staff. How about that?

Wine Buffet at The Lobby.


For those of you who go on vacations to get buzzed to forget about all your problems then Acacia also has the answer for you—their Wine Buffet.

For just P495+ at The Lobby of the hotel, one can enjoy different wines while sitting on the very comfortable lounge chairs from 5pm to 9pm. Being at The Lobby is like being on your roof looking at stars. The design of the surrounding walls as well as the exquisite patterns of the ceilings transports you to a different place. For many, this is a perfect place for short meetings and socials because you can also order food from the lobby!

Smokers on the other hand have a cozy area on the third floor called the Samanea. On the same floor but at the opposite side of the swimming pool and jacuzzi, the area offers a comfortable place to hang around in and enjoy the hotel’s free wifi.

The brainchild of Corporate Holdings Management Inc. (CHMI) through its subsidiary CHMI Hotels and Residences Inc., the hotel has over 20 years of real estate and property development experience backing it up.

And now, well-respected Enderun Colleges was recently tapped to be the hotel’s managing partner. With this collaboration, Acacia Hotel Manila aims to overtake its competition with the new breed of talent and expertise Enderun brings to the hospitality industry.

Function Rooms.

Aside from the rooms and the food, Acacia Hotel Manila is also proud of their function rooms. Be it a seminar for 10 people or a big wedding for 400. They’ve got it covered. They have function rooms for 10 to 60 people and a grand ballroom for 200 to 400 guests. Really beautiful and cozy rooms. To see is to believe though. Check out the pictures here or better yet, visit them now.

The hotel’s location is also perfect. Near the city and the airport via the Skyway or SLEX. Near malls, restaurants, hospitals and walking distance to a supermarket too.

Strength, Shade and Shelter—the three most prominent characteristics an Acacia Tree has. Now, all three qualities are transformed into a hotel. What else do we look for?

Now, everyone can enjoy their well-deserved vacation without going far and without stepping into any airports.

Acacia Hotel Manila—Filipino Hospitality at its most Genuine.


Acacia Hotel Manila is located at 5400 East Asia Drive corner Commerce Avenue, Filinvest Corporate City, Alabang, Muntinlupa City.

For inquiries or bookings, you may visit, call 720-2000 or 588-5888 or email them at

You can also “Like” them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.


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