AB reader disgusted over food in Magic Wand Las Pinas

An Alabang Bulletin reader emailed us to express his displeasure and “disgust” over the food that he and his girlfriend ate last week at a restaurant in Las Pinas called Magic Wand.

“My girlfriend and I wanted to try out new places to eat and we saw this quaint looking restaurant inside BF Resort Village in Las Pinas so we decided to try it out,” said the email sender who requested that his name not be printed here.

He continued on by saying that they first noticed a group of old ladies chatting it up in the corner but which could be heard on the other corner of the establishment.

“We just dismissed them and tried to convince ourselves that those noisy ladies would not ruin our dining experience,” quipped the letter sender.

They then found a spot far enough from the old ladies and started ordering their food.

Upon ordering, the letter sender said that he accompanied his girlfriend to the restroom since the restroom was not inside the resto but outside on a parking lot beside the said establishment.

When they came back, the Cold Cuts Submarine of the letter sender was already on their abandoned table.

“What was that? They should’ve waited for us to get back before they started serving our food. What if a fly had already gone through my sandwich?!” said the irked customer.

Then came the Rib Eye Steak that his girlfriend ordered. There were spices that they have not encountered before on top of the steak. The mashed potato (the menu said baked potato) was as hard as a muffin (as described by the girlfriend herself) and the other half of the steak was hard and barely edible.

The lumpia they also ordered was “makunat.”

“The mashed potato looked like instant mashed potato,” said the letter sender, mentioning that he ordered French Fries but was told that there were no fries available so he wondered how they would make the mashed potato.

There was his answer–instant mashed potato.

In his letter, he said that he just wanted to enlighten other readers about the horror that was their dinner at Magic Wand in BF Resort.

“We will not eat there again even if that’s the last place left on Earth,” said the letter sender, who reiterated that he’d rather die of hunger than eat there again.

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