A site to find out if your area is above the determined fault line! Genius. Visit the Project Tremors site here now.

Not sure if you area will be affected just in case the recent-talked about earthquake hits the country? Is your area sitting under a fault line?

Now, we have a way to find out thanks to a group of enthusiastic and passionate developers who specialize in geo-locations-based solutions!

Visit tremors.instigators.io now and just key in your address (can be street name, village name or city) on a tab and a map will be displayed tracing your address and bashing it with the identified fault lines.

Using Microsoft ASP.Net as web framework and Google Maps API as the map plugin, the site was launched last Sunday to help people know more about “the fuss regarding the west valley fault line.”

“The map (fault line) layers source were taken from nababaha.com,” said the Project Tremors people, adding that they extended the capabilities and features to make it easier to use for everyone.



They also noted that current sources of information online had limited data and only images, pdf’s and occasionally an interactive map and that they wanted “to do more by making all that information easy enough to navigate with the use different devices including mobile phones.”

“We also made the experience as easy as searching for an address,” said the developers, noting that the site will then handle all the computations and just show everyone how near or far their location is from the nearest fault line.

So for those who want to be sure or those who still do not have any idea whether they are on top of a fault line, visit the Project Tremors site now!



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