A frightening experience involving window washer boys in Paranaque; Help from LGU urged

Here is an email from a reader about a harrowing experience involving those pesky “window wash boys” along NAIA Road (near Coastal Mall):


“We were on our way home to Las Pinas from the airport (around 5am) when we were waiting for the stop light to turn left to Coastal Road from NAIA Road when this boy (maybe aged 15-17)  started wiping our windshield  his dry cloth even after we were waiving him off. We started honking our car horn just so he’d stop but he proceeded and even raised our vehicle’s wipers and leaving them raised so we won’t be able to drive away.


In exasperation and just wanting to get home, I looked for the first coin inside the car and gave it to the boy (turned out it was a one-peso coin). This was when it started to get scary. The boy suddenly inserted his other hand inside the window and pretended that it was caught in our window! Then saying stuff like, “sir, dagdagan niyo naman. Wala nang mabibili sa piso” and “sir, wag niyo na po ipitin kamay ko” (i looked at the window and his hand was loose and just hanging on). My family who were with me in the car were also getting irritated as we all kept shouting at the boy to take his hand out but the boy kept on asking for more money. If you are familiar to the area, you would know that stop lights there take forever and are so quick as well (green light to Coastal takes just like five seconds).


When i was advancing the car, the boy even got up on the stepper of the car!


Too tired and angry to keep the discussion going (and against the advices of my passengers), i got P10 and threw it out the window. The boy then took out his hand and proceeded to collect the money from the road. We then drove away (perfect timing since the light turned green).  I was afraid they would do something bad to harm us or the car, knowing how people nowadays are!


What is the government of Paranaque, the MMDA and the DSWD doing about this?


Here are kids, threatening motorists to give them more money and forcing us to have them clean our car windows.  If we don’t give them (they even demand an amount!), they harrass us to?!


Please help us get the attention of concerned agencies so this practice can be put to a stop so we won’t live in fear when passing by that area.

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