2011 Las Pinas Friendship Route Stickers to be released starting March 14!

Residents in Las Piñas City who own a vehicle can now avail of the 2011 ‘Friendship Stickers’, Mayor Vergel Aguilar announced today (March 1) in a bid to ease traffic in the city’s main thoroughfares.

            The Friendship Route , which was opened in 1996, is exclusive for the use of bonafide city residents only.

The initial issuance of 2011 Friendship stickers will start on March 14-20, 8-5 in the afternoon at the Verdant Covered Court in Brgy. Pamplona III near Las Piñas East Nat’l High School.

Residents who wish to avail of the free stickers must bring an original and xerox copies of their car’s original receipt and certificate of registration (OR/CR) and for the vehicles whose registered owner’s address is outside of Las Piñas must bring the ff: original and xerox copies of OR/CR, deed of sale, driver’s license, valid ID or proof of billing (power, telephone, water, etc) showing holder’s address as Las Piñas City.

For mortgaged vehicles: original and xerox copies of O.R./C.R., certification from the bank or original copy of Chattel Mortgage, valid ID showing holder’s address as Las Piñas City; and for the company-issued vehicles to individual personnel whose residence is in Las Piñas City, the following documents must be presented: original and xerox copies of O.R., certification from the company and valid ID showing holder’s address as Las Piñas City.

Aguilar added that public utility jeepneys, buses, taxis, school buses and service, delivery trucks and vans, tricycles and motorcycles are not eligible for issuance of friendship stickers.  

For more information the residents can call the mayor’s office at  871-43-43 / 836-43-66 / 873-07-65.

Aguilar said the issuance of Friendship sticker will surely ease heavy traffic particularly along the city’s main thoroughfares.

              Statistics from the city’s traffic police department showed that about 150,000 to 200,000 cars are passing along the Zapote-Alabang road everyday to a maximum of 250,000 vehicles during Fridays and Saturdays.

Aguilar added that anyone who will engage in selling or tampering the stickers will be penalized. (end) (Las Pinas Public Information Office)

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  1. Sarah says:

    Hi, I am not from Las Piñas but I pass at Marcos Alvarez everyday, is there a way for me to get a sticker?

  2. rhema says:

    if ever I can’t get a sticker? can i ask somebody to get a sticker for me? because that is monday and working day. I will ask my brother to get for me. will that be possible?

  3. marielle says:

    hi. just want to know if the old sticker is still valid or we need to get a new one. thanks.