18 Chinese restos, firms shut down in Parañaque

Through the orders of Mayor Edwin Olivarez, the city Business Permit and Licensing Office has shut down 18 Chinese restaurants and firms in the city due to lack of business permits and other pertinent documents.

Mostly from barangays Tambo and Baclaran, the businesses were found to be violating a city ordinance or were operating without the necessary permits.

According to BPLO chief Melanie Soriano-Malaya, most of the Chinese restaurants were near Philippine Offshore Gaming Operators (Pogo) office at the former Uniwide Coastal Mall.

Photo from Inquirer

Some of those padlocked in Barangay Baclaran were Wu Pinna Restaurant (registered under Roberto Ho), Tuixianglo Restaurant, Sunshine Mart (registered under Domingo Palmaria), All Things Supermarket (registered under Robert Ong) and Juzi Mart (registered under Vicky Tercenio).

For Barangay Tambo, the restaurants are Shabu-Shabu Restaurant (under Jin Yuan Ji), Chinli Eatery (Timoteo de ver Lajara), Shaxian Food Pub (registered under Maryjame Tangan), Cravemouth (under Marvin Yabut), Abner and Angels Food House (operated by Abner Maestrado) and Dao Dao Chinese Restaurant.

Also included in the closure order were Yaki Yaki Homemade Dish, JJ’s Oriental Restaurant, EDC Lavishly Salon, Good Tea, Bayview Prince Grocery Co., Xiao Jun Gan of Chuan Chuan Xiang and Cuo Cha.

“We discovered that these establishments were operating without business permits and in violation of the city’s sanitation and environment codes,” revealed the BPLO chief, adding that some also violated a local ordinance asking all establishments with foreign signs to provide English translation.

Malaya and her team also learned that majority of these establishments use Filipino dummies and some of them were also being protected by people associated with the barangays they were operating in.


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